Inorganic Micronutrients


We have been manufacturing straight Micronutrients like Zinc Sulphate, Boron, Magnesium Sulphate and Iron Sulphate. We also manufacture Micronutrient mixtures in powder form and Granulated form as per the government specifications.

  • Active Ingredients

    Zinc, Iron, Magnesium and Boron in organic form

  • Formulation

    Granular Fertiliser

  • Mode of Action

    SalbaTM Presence of Zn, B, Cu, Mn, Mg and Fe in balanced proportions completely rectifies all Micronutrient deficiencies.

    SalbaTM Encapsulation ensures sustained release of nutrients for a longer time.

    SalbaTM Can be used as Soil, Foliar and in Fertigation applications.

  • Target Crops

    Coconut, Corn, Tea, Coffee, Egg Plant(Brinjal), Ladies Finger(Okra), Onion, Tapioca(Cassava), Tomato, Rose, Carnation, Jasmine, Blue Berry, Apple, Orange, Apricot, Pomegranate and other crops.

  • Dosage

    Depends on foliage and crop.

  • Compatibility

    Compatible with other agro products